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XP Quick Release Fittings Now Available

XP Quick Release Fittings Now Available

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Company history

Company history

Closed Joint-Stock Company CITIKORP was found in October 2004. From now on company primary activity is rendering technical services and deliveries of the process equipment for the oil companies. One of priority directions is supplying to Russian Federation market with TOKHEIM dispensing equipmnet. Company GK Sitikorp is the official distributor of company Tokheim in territory of the Russian Federation. 



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Consulting - the kind of professional services to corporate customers interesting in optimizing their business processes. In general, the consulting activities include analysis of existing business processes, customer support prospects for the development and use of scientific, technical, organizational and economic innovations in view of the subject area and features of the client's business.

Range of issues that are consulting, is very wide, in addition, specialized companies that provide consulting services, can be different: the narrow, limited in any one area of consulting services (eg, strategy, environment, work organization, investments, personnel policies, finances , Taxes, or IT), to the very broad, covering thea full range of of services in this area

Construction of petrol, gas stations and project management

Company CITICORP provides services in design, renovation, construction, service stations (gas stations, petroleum stations) as well as project management in construction.

Project Management - field of activity, during which defined and clear objectives are achieved at an optimum ratio between the volume of work, resources (such as time, money, labor, materials, energy, space, etc.), time, quality and risk management in some projects Aimed at achieving a particular result under the above restrictions.

Project management - application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques for planning and implementing actions aimed at achieving this goal within the project requirements.


Company GK CITIKORP offers the implementation of maintenance work at the gas station and stroke. Our experts are ready to produce the complete service work at your station.